Mycorrhiza means Fungus root and it is the name for the society relationship (symbiosis) of plants with certain soil fungi. ( Mukès = fungus, rhiza = root).  The Hyphen (fungal threads), do increase the root surface up to 700%.

Each plant species has its own mold partner. There are three main groups called: ENDO-mycorrhiza, ECTO-mycorrhiza and ERICOIDE-mycorrhiza.


  • improved growing of plants under unfavourable conditions
  • improved providing of nutrients, reducing of fertilizer
  • biological plant protection; improved plant resistance in case of attacks of parasites and against root and foliar diseases
  • improved stress tolerance against abiotic and biotic stress factors (high dryness, extreme temperatures, unfavourable pH values)
  • speeding up of nursering, shortening of the period before blooming of flowers
  • better growth of plants after planting out, decrease of mortality
  • raising of root taking rate of plants


Market gardens and nurseries will not see the advantages of Mycorrhiza for her plants and trees directly, because you won’t see this difference immediately. In the nursery there is timely fertilizer and water and also the soil quality is mostly optimal. But only if the plants and trees ail with dryness, with moisture or on replanting the advantages become visible.

  • Abies, Pinus etc. do not stagnate one year, they continue to grow immediately
  • Better rootedness
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  • Fruit-trees with Mycorrhiza form a larger trunk size and a larger tree much faster
  • Less predrying of pot roses, pot shrubs, pot trees, delivered to garden centre and DIY (building markets) , so less losses.

Less predrying

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  • Hedging plants have a better growth after planting out, decrease of mortality
  • For old stocks of trees as well as street trees and orchards it is able to vitalize them with Mycorrhiza.

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  • With rolling lawn and with grass sawing you can give Mycorrhiza. This gives a quicker and deeper rootedness.

Aftercare of greens and dikes