Since 2005 BioSym B.V., managed by Jan ter Horst and Katinka Brand, in Hengelo (O), Netherlands, develops (the only in the Netherlands) and sells, a high quality inoculum for promoting the plant growth especially at
locations of unfavourable conditions. This inoculum on the base of immobilized vesicular-arbuscular mycorrhizal fungi on expanded clay stimulates the rapid colonization of the plant root system as a profitable symbiosis of the plant with soil fungi. Our product, BIOSYM-ENDO, is extremely cost effective. It is compatible with other biological and IPM systems. It is non-toxic, no crop residue and is completely safe to environment, humans and animals! BIOSYM-ENDO contains dry fine roots of the host plant, which was used for production.

Our product is a free flowing granular formulation containing specially selected strains of naturally occurring mycorrhizal fungi. Treating with it could not be easier – apply either by planting out or during the growth period. Roots are rapidly colonised and protected by the fungi – producing healthier, higher yielding plants.

Every harvest the control of the production and the determination of the infection units of our product BIOSYM-ENDO occurs by the German Cavicon-Institute. The basis of the standards is EN DIN ISO 9001: 2000. The academic product- and application care occurs by Dr. rer. nat. Erhard Tschirner, section biotechnology.